Valentine’s Day lookbook

Let’s be honest. Every girl on the face of this planet loves dressing up, being spoilt and romanced, even if it is just once in a blue moon. There is no way around it – females love LOVE!

Valentines Day

I suppose the idea of Valentine’s Day is not for everyone, as some people do not like wasting time on finding gifts, or putting in the effort for a day known to be ‘cliche’. In my personal opinion, I think the idea of Valentine’s Day is quite cute whether or not you have a significant other to spend it with. Going out for a while, having a delicious lunch or supper (or as South Africans would say it – lupper), and then finally chill indoors to cuddle whilst watching a romantic comedy. Luckily, for us girls, we’re able to do all of this with a group of friends and still feel the love. I guess it would be a tad strange for a group of guys to hang out and watch ‘chick flicks’ whilst cuddling up (a bit biased here people!).

Valentine’s Day is the one day in the year when you can be super cheesy and get away with it, so I think everyone should take advantage of this ‘cheese fest’ and spread the love to all – family, friends, acquaintances and significant others. Do you know the history behind Valentine’s Day and the true meaning behind it?

My Valentine’s day lookbook is here to give you a bit of an idea about what look you could go for on this special day. The ‘traditional’ colours to wear would be red and white, but I mixed it up a bit by adding in some pink and black.

Until next time,

Jumpsuit | Topshop Wedges | Luella Necklace | Topshop Watch | Guess Glasses | Spitfire

Jumpsuit | Young designers Emporium / Heels | Luella / Necklace | Topshop

Top | Woolworths / Skirt | Mr Price / Heels | Zoom Footwear / Necklace | Mr Price / Belt | Mr Price / Watch | Guess

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay


  1. Sandy Nene says:

    Your black neckpiece looks amazing.

  2. Kelly Laguma says:

    Love the idea of a lil pink and black, inspired.

  3. Angel says:

    Love love love every outfit! Wonderful post!



    ( le ‘angel )

  4. so fabulous,love the detail of the lips! xxx

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