Loxology hair
Yay! It’s the middle of the week!

As this post goes live, I should be in my individual evaluation session for next year. I’m pretty nervous but I pray that all goes well. Speaking of next year, you and I need to sit down and have a serious conversation about next year and what’s going to be happening. A little update on what will be happening in my life seeing I don’t really talk about my university life (mostly because my degree doesn’t allow me to disclose much to the public) but let’s leave that for another post.

About this look:

I bought this cute little stripe dress last week for my Benefit Cosmetics party and cannot stop wearing it (okay, not to the point where it’s all that I wear! Haha! But you know what I mean) and thinking of what pieces I can pair it with to change it up. For this look, I kept things pretty simple because I wanted a very minimal feel. Lately, I’ve been loving stripes and I can’t seem to stop incorporating it in almost all of my outfits. I paired it with a beaded necklace that I will never stop loving. I bought it from Bling in N1 City for R20! Whenever I get asked about it and I mention how much it cost, people lose their minds. It was such a steal.


I am so excited about these Loxology extensions. I’ll be creating a post entirely dedicated to the hair to let you know my thoughts but for now, can we just take a moment. Initially, I wanted to dye my hair darker so that it was the exact shade of the extensions but once I clipped it in, I noticed that it is the same shade as my roots. The tips of my hair are much lighter due to a phase in my life where I went blonde (more like ginger – eeek!) and it just won’t leave my poor hair, but luckily it blends in really well with my extensions.

Have a look at the Loxology Extensions website or Facebook page to find out how you can get your own set. PS: I may or may not have something cool in store for you.

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay


  1. Carly Robyn Fillis says:

    Totally obsessed with your extensions and this post of course.
    I cant wait for your hair review as I have been in 2 minds about getting them.

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