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Oh wow, I’ve been away for such a long time. Like about, two to three weeks. I have many reasons for that, one of them being that university is killing my vibe. I am in the middle of one of those hectic studying periods of the semester where lecturers decide to place all of the tests in one week. Seriously? I don’t understand that. And then when you’re about to reach breaking point, they’d make comments like “Oh, I feel so sorry for you!”. Haha, sure you do.

I thought I’d let you in on my new beauty buys and why I think it’s okay to be buying ‘drugstore’ (as American people would call it) makeup. Little disclaimer: I am in no way saying that high-end makeup is not worth it, because it is, but this is just my view and reasons why I like getting makeup from stores like Clicks and Dischem.

Student life. Majority of us have been here. I’m a student, which obviously means that I like to work with my moola in a more sensible manner. The foundation that I use is either Mac or CK One as I feel those are the only brands that work for me and don’t cause major breakouts on my teenage-like skin. Yes, it’s pretty expensive for a bottle but I feel like it is worth it because it lasts me really long and its of good quality. Now that foundation is out-of-the-way, let’s talk about other products for the face. I buy most of my other products at counters like Catrice, Revlon, Essence, L.A. Girl and most recently, Wet ‘n Wild. These products aren’t always amazing, but paired with the correct brushes and primers (like an eyelid primer), you can defs get the full potential out of your product. My mom wanted me to get a powder from a more expensive, high-end makeup counter the other day, and I became so annoyed about it because I felt as though I could get so much more for my moola. I ended up buying all of these products with the amount I would have spent on one powder container.


I usually use Rimmel’s Argan oil mascara but I decided to get one of these just as an extra when I feel like having super luscious lashes. It’s a pretty decent product and the brush is huge (but one has to be careful not to get clumps in the wand).

I’m not a fan of extremely highlighted cheekbones and T-zone because I feel it makes me look extra shiny on my already shiny T-zone, so I opt for a slighly toned down version with this Revlon highlighting stick.

I have packs of lashes that I never use because I feel as though they’re all way too dramatic and exaggerated, which is why I decided to purchase these Eylure lashes that add extra length. I’m still a bit keen on getting lash extensions though but I’ve heard so many pro’s and cons that it has made me second guess the entire process. What are your thoughts on lash extensions?

Guess what? In my 6 years of wearing makeup, I’ve only had a powdered face ONCE! How bad is that? I was always just too scared to buy a powder because of that whole ‘caked up’ look that a lot of women tend to mistakingly have. Also, I didn’t know what colour to go for because it’s either too dark or too light. I decided to finally bite the bullet and purchase this translucent mattifying waterproof powder from Catrice. Its so important to set your makeup (listen to me!) because it will last you so much longer!

To add to my newly found powder love, I decided to get a kabuki brush with it to apply all the goodness. You can’t be using your fingers, girl!

Loving this beautiful pink lip liner from Essence in the shade “wish me a rose”. It’s different on your actual lips compared to the packaging (which sucks!) but I quite like the way it looks. It reminds me of a colour that Nicki Minaj would rock!

Lastly, I decided to up my brow game and purchase this brow kit from Wet ‘n Wild. It has two shades for your ‘head’ of the brow and the ‘tail’ so you can achieve that lekker strong brows (which I’m not about hey. My face is too immature for that. Meh. To those of you who can rock strong brows, you’re lucky!) as well as a clear gel to keep those babies in place.

Let me know which of these products you’re a fan of and what you recommend in it’s place?

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  1. Kaylista says:

    I totally agree about the lash extensions, way too many pros and cons. I’ve actually purchased those eylure lashes recently because they were the most natural/non-drag-queen-looking ones on the shelves.

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