Dining at Kahvé Road.

If you watch my vlogs, you would have seen that Lorenzo and I were invited to review a new café in Cavendish Square called Kahvé Road. I had been to this venue before, but that was before it was a café.

About the Experience

From the get-go, we were welcomed into the beautifully decorated space by the friendly staff. They made sure that we were settled in before asking for our orders. I can’t stand it when you go to a restaurant or café and get asked for your order immediately after sitting down. Luckily, this was not the case! The waitrons gave us a good amount of time to squiz through the menu before coming over to ask. I decided to go for a yummy cappuccino, and Lorenzo decided on the same. It was brought to us on a wooden tray with shot glass of sparkling water. Being the person that I am, I asked what the sparkling water was for. I learned that sparkling water actually serves as a palette cleanser when drinking coffee! You learn something new everyday!

When looking through the menu, the first thing I noticed (and always look at) was the prices. When going to a restaurant/café that is so beautifully decorated, you’d think that they would be quite pricey, no? It was as though I couldn’t believe that the prices were as reasonable as they were!

As you would have seen in my vlog, the owner of Kahvé Road spoilt us with a tray of treats to pair with various drinks. I know it looks like alcohol, but it was actually ginger and specially-made coffee and teas. I wasn’t too fond of the drinks to be totally honest with you, but I would recommend the sweet treats to anyone. They were so delicious and different to what I’ve had at other restaurants.

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at Kahvé Road and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to try out a new place in Cape Town. Inexpensive, creative, and pays attention to detail – That’s what I would say to sum it all up.

Until next time,

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay

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