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Hello loves!

I hope all is well on this fine Thursday?

This outfit was worn on Christmas that just passed, so I decided that I should actually show you guys exactly what I wore (late, I know). The only difference is that my hair was in a full bun.

About the Outfit

I am so crazy about this dress because it makes me feel so feminine. You know, you just fit something on that makes you feel girly? Even though it’s not frilly or pink. While fitting it on, I came across another one in the same range, just a different print. I honestly couldn’t decide so I had to ask my mom for advice. We ended up deciding to take this one as it is more versatile – yeah right. Leopard print. Versatile. Funny enough, I paired it with gold strappy leopard print heels, which seemed to fit well with the look instead of dragging it down or causing me to look tacky.

I am so glad that this week is over. Well, of me that is. I end my official university week on a Thursday so I get to chill (supposed to be “studying”) on a Friday. I am going to start dedicating my Fridays to filming and painting. If you didn’t know, here is a random little fact about me – I LOVE painting. I studied art throughout primary school and high school. I also attended the Tygerberg Art School in Parow to soak up any art influence I could get. Last year my dad bought an Oil palette for me and I still haven’t opened it. Why? I don’t even know the answer to that. But I am excited to start really soon!

I am planning on going to the Giraffe House this Saturday. I’ve seen photos of the cute animals and it’s kind of making me have #FOMO. Have you been?

Dress | Infin8ti (YDE) / Hat | Foschini / Heels | Luella / Layered Necklace | Romeo Foxtrot 

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay


  1. I hope that you’ll post your artwork, it would be great to see your creative juices flow onto canvas. I’ve invested in (expensive) crayons and chalk for my daughter in hopes that my love for art might be something she’d be interested in. Soon i’ll introduce paint (well, once she stops eating the crayons and chalk). I love leopard print, there’s something about it that’s just timeless.

    Once again, an entertaining post and look forward to many more in 2015.

  2. Rushda Behardien says:

    Leopard is the new neutral right? Looks stunning! And Giraffe House? You’ll enjoy it! Take lots of photos.
    Rushda xx

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