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Paula Jacobs
Sorry guys! I haven’t blogged in a while (internet problems!).

Kaviar Gauche is the Berlin-based fashion label that is known for their gorgeous bridal wear. You will not believe your eyes when you see their amazing gowns! The collaboration between the designers and the makeup brand focus on soft pastel shades for a light, avant-garde look and modern romanticism. I can definitely see myself wearing one of these beauties on that special day.
What caught my eye immediately after seeing it in store was the packaging of this collection – it’s so pretty! It’s so perfect for the bride on a budget, especially with its beautiful packaging!

My Thoughts

Gilding Eye and Face Palette
Starting with aesthetics of the palette – it is a white packing with a golden, floral lace design embellished to give it a true romantic feel. The palette contains 6 eyeshadows, ranging from lilac to peach shades, as well as a highlight and contour section in the palette. It’s also comes with a little handy-dandy brush and a white kohl eyeliner.
I quite like the opacity of the lighter shades, but found that the peachy and lilac shades don’t work too well on my skin. The highlight and contour shades don’t do anything for me, especially because of my skin tone and found it to be quite ashy on my face. I would not recommend buying the palette as it is more focused on the aesthetics of the product instead of the pigmentation and quality of each shade.
The Gilding Eye and Face palette goes for R104.95.

Nail Lacquer
There are 4 different shades that are in the collection, but I have the shades “Cool Wonder” and “Honey Blossom”.
I’m a huge fan of “Cool Wonder” as you may have guessed. Dark and nude shades always intrigue me, and this is no different. It looks like a lilac shade judging by the bottle, but once applied it is more of a mauve shade. The consistency is pretty good, although I’ve noticed that after a few days the polish does chip so I’d recommend using a top coat to seal the deal.
The second polish is perfect for the soft “bridal manicure” that most women tend to lean towards. It can definitely be paired with a white tip for a pretty french mani for your special day, suiting all skin tones. Personally, I am not a fan of “Honey Blossom” because the consistency is very sheer – one would need to apply at least 3 coats before seeing a true colour – and I really don’t like having to wait to paint layers upon layers of polish.
Both polishes have a high gloss finish which is always a winner in my books, as well as both being fast-drying.
Each polish is priced at R52.95.

Blurring Powder Pearls
This is the product that caught my eye before I knew about the rest of the Kaviar Gauche range! The transparent acrylic container with a decorative lid is a real gem, containing powder pearls in light nude and pastel shades. One would think that because I have a medium skin tone it would look a tad strange on me because it’s so light, but I’ve found that it looks quite pretty and not too harsh on the skin. I pair it with a gold highlighting product of my own and the two combined look great for a “sun kissed glow” that all ladies want, especially because we’re heading into spring as of Tuesday.
The Blurring Powder Pearls is priced at R79.95.

Gentle Lip Gloss
The lip gloss is available in soft pink or apricot and has a light, transparent texture. I have the shade “Butterfly Kiss”, and I absolutely love it. I was a bit cautious about the lipgloss because most glosses are usually sticky on the lips (which really doesn’t look good), but luckily this one is the complete opposite. It is my second favourite product out of the entire range as it feels smooth and smells so delicious that you’d want to eat it up! Your groom will definitely kissing you over and over again!
The gloss is priced at R61.95 each.

The Kaviar Gauche range is available at Dischem stores only until the end of September.

Have you tried any of these products yet?

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