Sometime in 2010

I remember this day very clearly. The day I spoke my dream into existence.
When I was in grade 11, I told my eldest brother that I want to become a YouTuber one day. His response always stuck with me – “What’s stopping you?” See, at the time I had no camera, no mic, and I had the very basic makeup (foundation, mascara, and lipstick). I mean, this was at a time where YouTube was only something us as South Africans watched and never pursued. I decided to keep my dream a secret and moved on with life, but that nagging urge to express my creativity kept popping into my mind.

Fast forward to 2014, I decided to start blogging to release that nagging urge. I needed a space that would allow me to release and possibly inspire others to do what I had been afraid to do. The launch of my blogging career was and still is a great success, and I cannot wait to see the blessings that God has in store for me for the future.

12 February 2017

I finally uploaded my first makeup tutorial. This may seem like a simple thing to do, right? You shoot the video, edit, get someone else to view it, and then upload. It wasn’t that simple for me. I was an emotional wreck once that video went up.
I had created about 10-12 videos prior to this, but never had the guts to upload them. I was always thinking “it’s not good enough” or “I can do better than this”. Lets just say that it took over a year for me to change my mindset and realize that the only way I was going to get over this is to just start. As simple yet complex as that. You see, the passion that I have for makeup, fashion and the industry in general is what keeps me coming back and keeps me wanting more for myself and the brand that I’ve created.

24 February 2017

I uploaded my welcome video, which you can watch below. This video was easy yet to the point with what you as viewers can expect from me as the creator. I am both excited yet nervous for what’s to come, but I know that it only be greater. Thank you for all the support that you have shown thus far in this and I hope that you’ll have as much as I am.

Until the next video,