Metallic is back with a bang, and Yardley London has created some seriously awesome products showcasing a range of metallic products. I’ve always been nervous when it comes to metallic products because it can so easily look tacky if worn the wrong way, be this in makeup or fashion. However, these new liquid matte lip vinyls from Yardley London are one of my new faves (especially “Reign” and “Chrome Pink”).

About the Product

I won’t give you the press release version of the product, but rather my own personal opinion. I genuinely enjoyed applying the product to my lips because it was so pigmented, which meant that I didn’t have to apply more than one layer after applying. When pursing my lips together, it felt comfortable and absolutely no sticky residue (many brands tend to get this wrong and it ends up being a hot mess).

The shades are pretty wearable, which I mention in the video. I would recommend wearing “Coppering” and “Chrome Pink” for daytime whilst “Queen B” and “Reign” reminds me of a night out with the girls. Lastly, the word “matte” using has a negative connotation attached to it. Whatever perception you have of matte lipsticks will not apply to these lippies because they do not dry down to a hard lip as most matte lippies do. Instead, it dries down to a comfortable metallic pigment across the lips. I love it!

Where can I get them?

You will be able to find the lip vinyls at any Dischem and Clicks, and I am sure that will stock it too! Each lip vinyl retails for R100-R120.

Until next time,
Ms Paula Bee