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I was able to try out another one of Yardley’s beautiful perfumes called Yardley Gorgeous. The collection compromises of three different scents – Yardley Gorgeous, Yardley Gorgeous in Gold and Yardley Gorgeous in Black.

Yardley Gorgeous packaging gives one the feeling of luxury with a touch of gold and a gorgeous heavy glass bottle to complement the name. Packaged with a sophisticated bow that is included on the carton to add a touch of femininity and style, as well as add that feeling of a “gift”.

Yardley Gorgeous has a rich sexy floral fruity scent with notes of orange flower, white rose, musk, vanilla, freesia, lemon and bergamot.
My personal favourite, Yardley Gorgeous in Gold, is more of a floral yet fruity fragrance with a bouquet of jasmine, toilet and carnation with a hint of strawberry on a background of vanilla and hazelnut.
My least favourite fragrance, Yardley Gorgeous in Black, touches on a warm spicy floral sensuality with Ylang Ylang, a sweet green fruity of blackcurrant balsamic notes of resinous benzoin sublimated by woody sandalwood. I’ve never been a fan of spicy scents, which is the reason why I don’t really like the Black fragrance.

My thoughts:

My personal favourite fragrance, as I previously mentioned, is the Yardley Gorgeous in Gold. There is just something about the scent that makes me feminine and happy, which is what every woman wants to feel.
I like that the packaging is a simple yet elegant glass bottle. I’ve mentioned it before in a previous post that I love minimal packaging especially when it comes to perfume – there’s just something elegant about it.
I’m not too fond of the Yardley Gorgeous in Black because I don’t like any fragrances that remind me of sandalwood or spice, and this perfume has those notes combined into it. Don’t get me wrong, it smells good but out of the three fragrances, it is my least fave!

One of the three Yardley Gorgeous fragrances would be the perfect Christmas gift for “her” as it smells delicious (well, the two that I like most) and any woman would love it. It is also really affordable, retailing at R239.95 for 30ml and R299.95 for the 50ml.

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