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I hope you’re all well, and having a good week so far. So, remember that I posted a photo or two of my outfit on my IG and Facebook page? Well, this is my full description of it all and how it came together. Also, let me tell you a little bit about my Women’s Day.


I was invited to a Christian High Tea on Saturday, with the theme being vintage. I’m the type of person that will put in the extra effort to dress up if there a specific theme to the occasion. If you’re going to invite me to a “cops & robbers” party, trust me, I will dress up! You won’t believe how badly I was stressing about what I was going to wear. I am not a huge vintage fan, so I kind of struggled to put an outfit together that would actually look good and still abide by the theme.

I decided to put on a yellow dress from Mr Price, that has a cute pin-up feel to it, along with a cardigan and retro style hair. But this just didn’t look good to me and I needed a change. I remembered that I had a really cute jumpsuit from Forever New that had a cute vintage look to it with a rose print and soft hues, which would suit the occasion perfectly! I paired my little jumpsuit with dolly socks and blush wedges which coincidently happened to match my colour scheme.
Joy and I were so indecisive about our outfits before attending, but we were quite content with the end result. She wore a sweet black number with lace embellishment, and a plain cream kimono. Her jelly shoes were the cutest when paired with black dolly socks. I loved it! What are your thoughts on the ‘sock and heels’ trend?

How cute is Joy? I honestly think she should do modelling. She’s got the legs and height for it, as well as the looks! This pretty lady is going places (like the modelling ramp, for starters ;))

As for my hair, I decided to keep it simple so I curled my hair and then brushed the curls out to give it a softer look, and then used bobby pins the clip the right side out of my face. I really liked my hairstyle and thought it suited the look pretty decently. By the way, did you notice that I finally dyed my hair? I decided to go with my “matric hair colour” – ‘Black Cherry’. I am loving it, especially because my ends are lighter because of the natural ombre that formed from my previous hair colour.

High Tea

The high tea was really awesome. We had so much to eat and were blessed with gifts! We had two entertainers who sang and acted, as well as a guest speaker whose aim was to encourage women for being female. It’s so lovely when women lift and motivate one another, instead of bringing each other down. This guest speaker also enlightened us about Women’s Day and the actual history behind it which most people actually don’t know about, including myself. I honestly can’t stand it when a small minority of men question Women’s Day, and kind of belittle the day. I think it’s a special day where women can encourage one another, and pamper others like mothers, grannies, aunts, and daughters. I think that men should use the day as an opportunity to celebrate the women in their life and thank them for all that they’ve done and are yet to do. Women are amazing, seriously (Not being biased here. Just honest). I mean, take a single mother for example – She gave birth to you, clothed you, supports you, spoils you, loves you, and still manages all of that whilst maintaining a job, two parenting roles and a household. How amazing is that?

During the High Tea, there was a ‘best dressed’ category to be won, which Joy and I were nominated for but never took home. An older woman won as she hired out a gorgeous white Victorian-style dress and hat. I wish I took a photo of her for you to see because she looked adorable! I took my hat off to her for going all out and preparing a day or two in advance for the theme.

The tea ended at about 5pm, and then Lorenzo took me out for our date night. It was absolutely amazing – the aura of our date, the food, the conversation. Wow, I am so blessed. But I won’t let out all the details on that 😀 #privatesphere

What did you get up to for Women’s Day?

Jumpsuit | Forever New / Cardigan | Thrifted / Socks | TopShop / Wedges | Zoom Footwear / Bracelets | Gifted / Necklace | Mom’s (#vintage)

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay


  1. Laiqah says:

    So adorable! Socks and heels done right! x

    1. Thanks darl!! 🙂 xx

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