Winter Stripes

Welcome back to my online humble abode, although I haven’t really been all that humble lately seeing I’m blogging a bit less than usual. Silly me.
Anyway, I hope you have all been well, and not eating too much junk food now that the chills of winter has finally settled in. I don’t know about you but I always tend to eat so much junk food when its cold out, especially if its sweet. It’s as though I just cannot stop! Gosh, apart from getting rather plump, winter can be such a buzz kill – If it’s raining, you can’t go out; the sun sets a lot earlier than in summer so it always feels as though my days are shorter (a phrase my mom usually uses, even though we all know there are the exact 24 hours in each and every day); and lastly, my hair minces. Nice.

I have always been the girl who cannot stand winter, but I’ve come to like it slowly but surely. Here are my reasons:

1.) Winter style is my favourite.

I love layering my clothing, and dressing up a plain item (like this striped dress for example). In this look, I took a plain striped black and cream dress and paired it with a chunky necklace which you ladies have seen in previous posts because I think it’s just that cool, as well as a pair of black biker ankle booties and my floppy black hat that you might have seen in Black Lovin’.

2.) High buns.

Although I don’t have a high bun in this post, those who know me will know I love high buns. I think that it pulls any outfit together, especially in winter when we rock those sexy turtle-necks (LMAO, that word kills me).

3.) Cuddles.

Who doesn’t love a good cuddle in winter? When it comes to cuddling, I will most definitely be cuddling my boyfriend when watching a movie, or my friends Tracey or Courtney. Omg, do you have that one friend that gives THEE best cuddles in the world when you’re asleep? I have that friend – Courtney. She will let me cuddle her throughout the night, even if it’s just her hand. That’s true love I tell you! Lol, don’t be jelly.

4.) Food.

One of my friends, Tazneem, tweeted about girls who think its cute not to eat in front of guys. Let me just make one thing clear – I love food (I’m more of a ‘sweet tooth’ kinda girl, but food is my homie too). I cannot understand how some ladies just don’t eat, or they refuse to eat in front of the guy they’re eyeing. It’s the strangest thing to me. Point of my 4th reason to love winter is definitely the food. I love traditional Cape Town food like potjiekos, curry, koeksisters, braai, and of course a good ol’ gatsby (preferably masala steak, thank you).

5.) Onesies.

I recently joined the craze! I bought the cutest onesie from Mr Price about two weeks ago, and I absolutely adore it. Before I bought it, I would always see grown women walking around in their onesies in public and I would be shocked because it was like basically social suicide in my eyes. Now I understand why people do it! I never want to leave my onesie because it’s so warm and comfortable. Gosh, even  boyfriend said that he wouldn’t mind me going out in public with it on, which I will take full advantage of! Haha!

I almost forgot to include the part where I mention my actual dress (oops).

About this look:

Long dresses aren’t really my style to be dead honest with you, simply because they make me look even shorter than I already am. Although I really like this one because its plain and super comfortable. Stripes aren’t for everyone though, so be very careful when looking for a long-sleeve maxi dress. If you’re an apple shape or have a larger bust area, I suggest you go for a solid colour instead of stripes as it could cause your body to appear larger than it actually is. Long sleeve dresses are a “must have” for winter, in my opinion. They’re gorgeous for those date nights or even to a wedding in July. Pairing the dress with a statement neckpiece and cute heels just top the look off, and voilà!

Let me know what you think of this look, will you?

Chat soon darls!

Dress | LEGiT /Heels | Foschini / Hat | Foschini / Neckpiece | Topshop

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay


  1. Tammy J says:

    LOVE IT! Stunning, hugs in all the right places and the accessories are to die. I enjoy your #OOTD and look-posts thoroughly.

  2. Maxine says:

    Love this look hun. Totally my style…stunning!!

  3. Vicki Tertiens says:

    Love…. just love♡

  4. Mariani says:

    Can u pls put a direkt link to the dress i went into the legit on ur page bt I can’t find it. And nice outfit I just need d dress to rock my version of it

    1. Hi Mariani! The dress is no longer available at LEGiT, but I will direct you to a similar one -
      Check in store in Canal Walk or V&A Waterfront if this dress is available. I hope this helps! 🙂

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