Winter Snuggles

Paula Bee

My birthday is coming up really soon and all I can think of right now is what’s going to happen on the Wednesday before I turn 22 (I can’t tell you juuuust yet what it is, but tweet me @mspaulabee if you can guess!). I can’t believe that I’ll be turning 22 this year – I can finally sing that annoyingly catchy tune by Taylor Swift. Yes, the one that kind of reminds us all of a yodel. As I am getting older by the year, I’ve started learning so many new things and growing in maturity. I look back at the way that I handle situations these days, and I know that a year ago I would never have been able to speak for myself or stand my ground. But I’ll discuss my growth in a separate post! Haha.
By the way, if you’re thinking what this has to do with the actual images in my post – nothing. Absolutely nothing. I like to talk about things that have been on my mind recently and possible situations that I might face (flip, I want to tell you about next Wednesday, but I can’t! Meh).

Hair Issues

Random: This season is such a confusing time for me because I want to wear my hair curly, but this rain doesn’t exactly do justice to my locks. And if its straight and it happens to rain, my hair will simply mince. How will I win? I’m also thinking of going darker again because these tips just won’t stay one colour. I had a stupid phase at the end of 2011 and the entire 2012 when I decided that I will BOX DYE my hair with blonde dye. Looking back on it now, the result was horrific and such a dramatic change, but for some reason I loved my orange hair. Loser. Ever since those years of box dyed blonde/orange hair, my ends have always been lighter no matter how much I cut off at the salon!

About the Outfit

Blanket scarves are officially my fave. I thought that I liked snoods but after shooting with this bad boy, I now know that I’m all about the blanket scarf life. They’re so big (literally like a blanket) and snuggly, and perfect to add some texture to a fairly simple outfit. Take this outfit for example – A plain black jeans, black boots, and a plain grey jersey. Add this plaid-inspired scarf to the outfit and it takes it to more interesting and aesthetically pleasing level. What I’ve noticed with winter fashion in not just myself, but others around me in and around Cape Town, is that its all about pairing fairly plain pieces with a bold item. Like a pair of flashy pants paired with a plain top and matching heels. Or a plain black dress paired with a blanket scarf, hat and booties (how cute?).

Tell me what your favourite winter pieces are? What do you pair them with?

Jersey | Cotton On / Jeans | Forever 21 / Boots | River Island / Hat | Cotton On / Scarf | Cotton On / Nails | Essie in “Lady Like”

Photographer: Lisa Gabriel

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