For some reason, I thought that twenty-four was so far away. I remember as a teenager, I would imagine that at the age of 24/25 years old, I’d be married with at least one child and a beautiful house. LOL! I have none of those things in my life right now, and I’m totally fine with that. I don’t know why but I have this perception, as a teenager, that being 24,25 or 26 meant that you had to have your life together and you had to be successful. Man, things have changed!

The Past Year

Because I had to be off for the entirety of 2016 to complete my degree, I had a lot of time to grow. I feel like I was quite ‘mature’ in 2015, but going through the experiences last year truly opened my eyes and gave me a fresh understanding of how fortunate I am in this world. It also opened my eyes to see who truly cared about me and my wellbeing, and for that, I thank you. I will discuss my entire degree experience in a nutshell in another blog post because I know that it will be quite lengthy!


If I can be totally honest with you, my life right now is not where I thought it would be and I absolutely love it. I am very happy in knowing that my daily job involves filming, shooting, and creating content for my readers/viewers on my various social media platforms. I love to be able to dictate what my week will be like and no one is able to use the “I’ll fire you” card if I don’t feel like doing something, simply because I am my own boss #GirlBoss. You see, I am so young. I really don’t want to be 37 years old and have regret because I didn’t get to do what I truly wanted to do in life. With that said, it doesn’t mean that I need to act recklessly and be ultra spontaneous. But rather have a chance at being young and love my life whilst doing what I love. Over the years, I have finally come to embrace my personality and body (an act that many people struggle with). I am a shy, dry-humoured, silly, semi-introverted, fashion-loving woman who is VERY passionate about what I do.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I thought I’d mention it again two years later because it means a whole lot to me – the Lord has truly blessed me with a loving, supportive family; some awesome friends; and an extremely supportive and loving boyfriend. I’ll stop being emotional and let you enjoy my 24th birthday vlog below.

Birthday Vlog

Until next time,

Poloneck | MRP / Jeggings | Cotton On / Boots | Spitz Shoes / Jacket | New Look (Zando) / Beanie | Rubi Shoes / Sunnies | Third Eye Wear / Bag | Accessorize SA
Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay

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