If you watched my Try-On Haul and my first vlog, you’ll be quite familiar with this coat. You may notice that I am completely open about how obsessed I am with this coat, and I’ve spoken about the reasons why in my video.

About the Outfit

I love pairing pink with monochromatic colours like black or white because it really draws less attention to my body and more on the coat itself. I paired the pretty coat with my new Kurt Geiger heels from Spitz Shoes that I am absoluely obsessed with! They’re super comfortable and not too high – perfect for the girl on the go.

Lets just have a little discussion about this coat real quick:
Unfortunately, Superbalist no longer stocks this pink coat and they will no longer be bringing it back into stock. So the way that I recommend you purchase it is by going to the Missguided website and ordering directly off the site. I noticed that they have other stunning colours in the waterfall coat, such as red and beige. If you head over to their live chat section, you can find out about their shipping details (maybe even get them to ship it to SA for free!).

I know that I’ve been talking about this coat all over my social media, but I am just happy with it. Anyway, I’ll stop raving about it now 😉 I thought I’d include that this post was definitely not sponsored (OMG! Imagine I could work with Missguided. Dreams can come true guys!). I know that many of you wondered about the coat, so I thought that I’d help you out the best way I can.

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Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay

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