Spotlight Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes

Paula jacobs
I never upload these kind of posts to the blog, but that’s all going to be changing because my YouTube channel is up and running. I’d love to do a video on this look soon so keep your eyes on the channel for that.

Today’s post is all about this spotlight smokey eye along with other shades that will suit various shades of brown eyes. I prefer the spotlight smokey eye compared to the norm because my eyes are pretty big so I’ve noticed that the usual smokey eye can actually narrow my eyes, especially if I line my waterline with a dark pencil.
With this look, I’ve added my darker shades to the inner and outer lids of the eyelid, keeping the centre fairly bare because that’s where the light, shimmery shade of gold will be placed.

Personally, I love various shades of brown and gold for my eyes as it really makes it pop. I’m not really one for eccentric colours like blues and purples, but believe it or not, these are the shades that people with brown eyes should be opting for to accentuate your eyes. When I say that you should opt for these shades, I don’t mean that you should smother yourself in purple or blue eyeshadow. It means that you should add a pop of dark blue or violet to your eye makeup which can be in the form of a navy eyeliner, navy mascara or smokey violet eyeshadow run along your lash line.

Some do’s and don’ts

Do line your waterline with a lighter pencil/liner, such as beige or cream. These liners actually open up the brown eye area and give the illusion of a bigger eyes.

Don’t line your waterline with dark liner as it will inevitably shrink your eyes and make them look much smaller than they actually are. Instead of using a black liner, opt for a navy or violet liner.

Do tight-line your lash area with a black or dark brown liner. This creates the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes which is perfect for all eye colours.

I hope that these tips and tricks were handy! Do you have any specific eye makeup for brown eyes to share?

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  1. Lalannie Knoll says:

    Love this eye make up. Which products do you use?

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