Slowly But Surely

It has been a great few weeks for the brand.
Scary, but great.
Confusing, but great.
Intimidating, but great.

I’ve been back in the game for about two months now, and I can already feel a change in the way that I manage the “Ms Paula Bee” brand. I have grown immensely but still have so much to learn, which I am quite excited about. I think I mentioned this before in the past but I struggled to be okay with not blogging in 2016. I know that being MIA last year took a big knocking on the growth and exposure of my blog.

Its a Choice

But I’m choosing not to look at it that way. I’m choosing not to compare myself to other bloggers who may have a larger following or may have amazing opportunities arising. Instead I am choosing to be happy for others in their success because at the end of the day – How does that hinder my success?
Someone wise once told me that comparison is the thief of joy. I never understood what it meant at the time (mainly because I was like 12), but now that I am nearly 24 years young, I fully agree with that statement. I am choosing to believe in myself, and believe that God has amazing things in store for me this year and the years to come. I am SO excited for His blessing!

Slowly but surely things are falling into place and I couldn’t be more excited and eager for what is to come.

About The Outfit

Dress | Billabong SA
Hat | Gifted
Shades | RayBan
Watch | Komono
Choker | Romeo Foxtrot

Thank you for all the support thus far! I see each and every one of you, and I appreciate you all.
Until next time,

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay

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