Rimmel London Kate Moss Nude Collection

A few weeks ago, I received this gorgeous collection to review and tell you guys about my faves. I haven’t really been able to get around to it because of my #StudentLife (sigh), but alas, here are my thoughts on this collection.
Let’s just start off by saying that I am a sucker for nude shades. As most of you know by now, I always rock a nude lip in most of my photos because I just love the way it looks. Nude shades suit every skin tone, if paired with the correct shade, of course.

I have 6 beautiful shades of lipstick and 4 nail polishes. What I like about these nudes is that it isn’t a flat or dull colour. Each shade has a pink or peach undertone, that will give a sense of life to the lips when applied. It was quite tough to pick which ones I’ll mainly focus on for this post but it had to be done, so I’ll tell you about my faves:


My favourite lipstick is the number 46 (there are no names to each shade). I have been talking about this lipstick on my social media for a while now because it is slowly replacing my MAC “Kinda Sexy”. I love the subtle floral scent of the lipstick is probably the second thing I love about the lipstick, besides the colour. The texture is moisturizing and easy to apply, lasting a good couple of hours when applied over a lip liner. I’ve noticed that I’m able to smack my lips together and it doesn’t feel sticky or dry, but instead feels moisturized (like a lip balm).

The second favourite shade is number 48, simply because I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate shades in the colder seasons. This shade looks a bit daunting if you look at the little back label indicating the colour, but once on the lips it showcases a rich chocolate shade. I would recommend this shade for medium to darker skin tones. It has the same properties as the shade I described previously, just in a darker colour.


The Salon Pro formula nail polishes excited me so much that the minute I received my package, I tested the darkest brown shade! I am a huge fan of nude polishes too (surprise!) and I’m pleased to say that I’m happy with these shades. The Lycra maxi precision brush makes painting super easy and helps the polish last more than a week without chipping (I tested mine for a week, but had to take it off – I wash dishes). My absolute favourite is the shade “Mistify Me” which is a cool-toned stone beige which will suit most skin tones.

Have you tried any of these shades yet?

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