Hello loves!

Today’s blog post is going to be a tad different seeing it has nothing to do with fashion, beauty or any other girly things.

I have been seeing many people joining this online world and I will be honest with you – It made me feel a bit weird. I guess its because I always felt as though this is something I have been wanting to do for years (since my high school days) and now that I am actually doing it, it seemed as though there are so many other people doing similar things too. This made me feel very competitive because it was my “baby” that I had been working on for such a long time, and now it felt as though “newcomers” just decided to hop on the bandwagon as if it were so blasé. This angered me, and led me to think some nasty things about others. Then one day, a thought struck me and I kind of had a full-on conversation with myself about the way I was feeling and exactly why I was so upset about the situation. This led me to think about my dad and his wisdom (as always):

I’ve spoken about my dad’s wisdom in one of my older Instagram posts before, but this is more-or-less what its about:
My dad always mentions the “two circles in life”. One being smaller and inside the larger one, namely the “circle of influence”, and the other circle surrounding this smaller circle, namely the “circle of concern”. The “circle of influence” involves all the things that one is able to influence in life such as school grades, attitudes, and appearance. On the other hand, the “circle of concern” involves all the situations in life that you simply cannot control nor change, which shouldn’t be in your concern because it won’t really help you to worry or get upset about it.
Do you get where I am going with this?

Two circles in life:


I decided to change my mindset because it wasn’t helping in any way possible, nor was it healthy for me to think negatively about other peeps. I thought about the circles and how newer bloggers were out of my ‘circle of influence’, so being concerned about it wouldn’t do me any good. Besides, I am still a “newcomer” to this online world so who am I kidding? (I have only been blogging for about 5 months now). And that’s when I thought about the reasons people start blogging in the first place! Take me for example – I started blogging because it has been a goal of mine for the longest time, and I needed some sort of platform to put all my fashion and beauty cravings, as well as my thoughts on. I love writing, and just letting my thoughts roll out because I’m not like that in reality (I am pretty shy). Putting myself in others’ shoes, I thought about the reasons that they might blog or what the blog would be about, and this is the conclusion that I came up with:

Everyone is different. Each person has their own personal interests, goals, thoughts, feelings, and cravings – be it cars, fashion, traveling, cooking, photography, or sewing. Each personal blog is an online symbol of a person, and what goes through that specific person’s mind. I love that. You can read a blog, and automatically connect the dots – what this person is interested in, and what their writing style is like. I love that each blog speaks for that individual, and no one can steal that uniqueness from them because as much as we feel that so many people are alike, we know that every person is different in so many distinct ways. I decided that instead of secretively mentally “bashing” new bloggers, I should embrace our work (I say our because I am one of them) and be proud that Cape Town is coming to know the power of blogging and how it links into the real world. Even though our city is still new to this online life, the bloggers group is increasing and it is such a pleasure to interact with these people who share the same passion and interest!

When it comes to my blog, I am quite down-to-earth (in the way I “write” and explain). Obviously in reality, I won’t always be looking “photo ready” as I do in my Look-Book posts because that’ll just be stupid and pretty unrealistic. I enjoy dressing up, but I also love wearing my everyday jeans, t-shirt and Chucks. I highly doubt that any fashion blogger really wears a pair of heels all day, errrr-day (if they do, how sad). I am quite real when it comes to my blog because I feel that this is my online journal and place where I get to showcase my love for clothing, beauty and conversation. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I am not one for small-talk because quite frankly, I suck at it. But on my blog, I get to let all of my thoughts about certain topics out.

My advice for anyone who is thinking of starting a blog:
Firstly, write out a list of things holding you back from your goal and why you think you cannot start a blog.

Secondly, burn that list. Seriously.
All the negatives things are within your ‘circle of influence’, and you can change it. If you feel that you’re passionate about something and love talking about it, I’d say go for it. It doesn’t have to be a blog that everyone has to know about. It can just be a personal one – Kind of like an online journal.

Lastly, be true to yourself. Don’t change who you are just to suit this ‘image’ you have of how a blogger should talk, dress, and act. Bloggers are regular peeps, like you and I, who just so happen to enjoy taking photos and letting you see their style or interests online. Nothing fancy (unless you’re poop rich). Also, if people around you start acting differently or treating you differently after you’ve become a blogger, then you shouldn’t be surrounding yourself with these people. They’re called fake.

Be you.

For the love of blogging.
Ms Paula Bee