Let’s Run an Errand

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Are you kidding me?! It’s the first of December!

So you know that I went to the Adidas launch recently…? Well, I decided to create a look on how one could go from being all “fancy” (cue Iggy right about now) in heels to toning it down, yet still be stylish in running shoes/sneakers when you need to run a quick errand in and around the city.

About the Outfit

I decided to pair an oversized crisp white shirt with my black pleather joggers for a chilled look, mixed with a bit of a tomboy feel. When I was a teenager trying to find my own personal style, I always ended up picking items which were oversized and baggy. Sometimes I would even purchase things from the male department because it made me feel super relaxed and chilled in oversized attire. This look sort of reminds me of those days, only now I am more put together and I’d like think that I know a bit more about fashion.

I am loving the street style in this shoot. Lorenzo truly outdone himself with these shots. I’ve noticed a huge change in the photos since we’ve started working together as a team for the blog, and I love seeing him grow and learn. These shots are proof that you can only get better with practice. What do you think? Leave me a comment!

Until next time.


Shirt | Zara / Joggers | Cloak & Dagger / Sunnies | Vogue Eyewear / Heels | Luella / Sneakers | Adidas






Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay


  1. Angel says:

    Absolutely love it, especially those red heels! I’ve been wanting to do a shoot by graffitti walls for so long and the reason for that is clear here. Makes for some really cool pictures!



  2. Hanna Jung says:

    didnt think one could wear sneakers/takkies and still look stylish without looking like a soccer mom ;P thanx. And yes pics are looking great!!!!

  3. Absolutely love it, Paula! The shots are amazing but the model in it – even moreso 😉 xoxo
    ~ Raylene

  4. Taryn says:

    Like it a lot Paula!! keep it up 🙂

  5. Sandy Nene says:

    Love this. You’re too gorgeous, Paula!

    1. Why thank you kind sir 😀 xx

  6. Zama says:

    Such a great post, and the pictures are flawless! Obsessed with the leather jogger.


    1. Thanks. It’s from Cloak & Dagger in Claremont xx

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