#LEGiTLOVESDENIM Campaign – DIY Challenge

I am pretty sure that by now you have seen LEGiT’s new logo, which I personally think is the coolest thing ever! (Mostly because I have a big booty, so I can relate to the logo, haha). During last week Friday, I received this gorgeous box containing my goodies for LEGiT’s new denim campaign, #LEGiTLOVESDENIM which is all about finding the right pair of denims and as the company would put it, “You can’t go wrong with denims – they’re versatile, fashionable and available in every style at LEGiT!”. My goodies included a pair of super comfortable jeans, a mini sewing kit, a pair of scissors, a pink marker/pen, sandpaper, and lastly a white tee with the new denim logo printed across it.

This box was sent to a few bloggers as a DIY project – Can we recreate the new ripped jeans trend that is surely taking over celebrities’ closets, as well as many of ours here in Cape Town, Durban, and Jozi…? Personally, I am a huge fan of the ripped denim trend and think its perfect for the season that we’re in at the moment. Its cold, so every girl wants to be warm and snug, but also look chic and cute at the same time so the perfect option will be to dress up a pair of comfortable ripped jeans. You have seen my ripped boyfriend jeans before in previous posts, but when I saw these skinny jeans, I was so excited to personalise my very own ripped jeans. Along with my goodies, I received a photo of Selena Gomez rocking her ripped jeans as inspiration, just to grasp an idea of what to do. Of course, its never a good thing to replicate someone else’s look, so I recreated the ripped denim look but to my personal preferences.

How to Achieve

To achieve this look, you’ll need:
1) A pair of LEGiT jeans (PS: They’re so comfortable).
2) A pair of scissors.
3) A marker/pen.
4) A pick.
5) An inspiration photo.


First of all, I started off by putting the jeans on and sort of guesstimated where I’d like the rips to be placed. I didn’t want a lot of rips on my jeans, but I was opting for a few statement rips, if that even makes sense.
For the second step, you’ll need to make faint lines across the area of the jeans that you’d like to rip. I love that this marker/pen is pink! I decided to cut an entire square out of my jeans, seeing its trending and I like the look so much, I thought “If not, why not…?”. Haha! Onto the next step…
Taking a scissors (or blade), cut along the newly made lines.
I then took my pick for the third step, and slowly lifted each underlying white strand of cotton. This is what gives the jeans those white strips along the rips. By the way, don’t be fooled and think I am a guru when it comes to knowing my game about material – My dad is the real genius here. He taught me how to lift the cotton with a pick on a piece of sample material, and then I applied the technique to my lekker jean pant.
For the final step, I used the sandpaper block to roughen the edges of the rips to give it a more rugged and edgy feel. It also softens up the material, so I really suggest you follow through with this step.

Final result

Ahh, here is the final result. I decided to put together two looks with my new ripped jeans because one just wasn’t good enough for me. (PS: The second outfit is my fav!) I paired my edgy jeans with a shirt and blazer to tone down the formality of this jacket. I love blazers, but sometimes its nice to keep them simple and tone it down a notch. This look would also work by adding a pair of Nikes or All Stars. The jeans was a tad too long for me (for those of you who have not met me or seen me in person, I am quite short) so I had to roll the hem. I love the final result!
Let me know what your thoughts are on my DIY ripped jeans. And if you’re trying it out for yourself, show me! I’d love to see what you guys recreate. Lastly, LEGiT is running two pretty cool competitions at the moment, so you should go check that out here.

Until next time,

Shirt | Mr Price / Jacket | Woolworths / Jeans | LEGiT / Pashmina | Attitude / Heels | Zoom

Photographer: Steven Jacobs


  1. Oh em gee, how fab! Been waiting in anticipation for this post and must say it was worth the wait! Great step-by-step guides and as always, fantastic photography! Well done Ms P, it looks FAB!!!

  2. Vicki Tertiens says:

    You’re so cool! ♡

  3. Chanel says:

    Love your denims, Paula.

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