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Hello my beautiful readers!

So here I am. Typing out one of my last posts before I go into hibernation for the exam period. I’ll be writing for two weeks, and thereafter I am a free woman! Haha, well until January of course. I received a call in the week, and this certain person was asking me for advice on what I have to have energy during the exam period, so I’ve decided to take her questions and turn it into some advice for all of you who are in high school or university and are entering the exam period soon (apparently the Matriculants write in 8 or 9 days). Here are some of my tips for this stressful time:

Get proper sleep.

(Quite ironic though, I study better at night). But seriously, its important to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep in oder to function like an actual normal human being throughout the next day, and not like someone who’s on drugs, busy “erting” through the course of the day. Sleep is so important for your health and if you’re not getting the sufficient amount at night, your brain will probably feel like mush in the morning and you won’t remember all that much from the previous study sesh you sacrificed sleep for.

Eat well.

I think health bars, salads and Energades are the bomb-digidy during these stressful periods of the year. Yes sure, that Monster energy drink looks tempting, but does your body actually need it? Is it good for your brain? And body? No. So don’t give into it.

Work out.

Yet again, I’m 21 and I’m only realising this now (hold up, I’m not even old. I say that as if I’m an old lady). By “work out”, I don’t mean go to the gym and have a heavy workout session and basically crawl into your car when you’re done. I mean a simple “keep active” by going for a jog, doing a couple of jumping jacks, squat (ahh yeah), cycle, or doing a half an hour of yoga. This helps to release any tension or stress, and get the blood flowing throughout your body. By sitting in front of your books all day, your brain will eventually wander into some distant land, so make sure you keep active!

Plan your celebration day.

I’ve noticed that if I plan something for the day that I finally end exams, I can look forward to something exciting. I think everyone should do this as it’ll motivate you to get through this stressful time, kind of like a “I can do this!” situation. So I suggest a girls’ night out or a pamper party. You know? Paint your nails and have some ice cream! Go to the beach! Have some cocktails! Oh, and that reminds me, this is actually a Look Book post. So here’s an outfit you could wear at the end of your exam period.

I felt very… What’s the word? I felt full of attitude when I had this outfit on. I mean, here we have a girly dress, but add a pair of biker boots and a leather jacket with chunky buckles and zips and you’re bound to feel sassy! I know I did.

Good luck. Make sure you pray before every exam!

Dress | LEGiT / Jacket | TopShop / Heels | Foschini / Clutch | Women’s Street / Necklace | Zuri

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay


  1. Tammy says:

    GORGEOUS! This post was very informative and funny at the same time. I chuckled my way through each paragraph.

    Best of luck with your exams!

    1. Thank you so much babe! I aced my exams ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

  2. Hanna Jung says:

    Liked this one a lot. Enjoy your writing style.

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