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Have you ever seen a photo on Pinterest or Tumblr that inspires you to recreate your very own version of that look? Like, it actually eats at your mind. “How would I look in that dress?” or “I wonder if I could ever pull off that type of look…”. Does this sound familiar to you? I experienced that for the past two months, and I had a sudden urge to get the look! I envisioned a romantic and soft feel, with fields and flowers. Everything I had imagined had to be perfect and suit the style I was going for. Mind you, I didn’t know where I was going to shoot this look, nor did I know who I’d ask to assist me to achieve this whimsical idea I had.


1. My photographer. Aka, le boyfriend.
2. Tara Stewart. Tara is a super talented fashion designer who owns her own business called Courtenรฉ Couture.
3. 4Flavour accessories. I noticed a few items on their new catalogue that would be ideal for the shoot. I had to have it!

As soon as I decided on the type of look I wanted and got some inspiration photos, I got cracking on emails and trying to organise the shoot so that I can finally have the ideas come to life. Little did I know that I would become ill over the weekend that we were scheduled to shoot. Oh, and did I mention the massive blister that formed on my bottom lip? Oh wow, you don’t understand how sore that thing was! That’s what getting a little amount of sleep does to you (life lessons for the younger ladies: Get proper sleep to avoid your body deteriorating from the inside out. lol). Finally, we were able to schedule our shoot on a Saturday afternoon. We decided to shoot in Durbanville Hills – I loved the location!

I’ve decided to do the blog posts in two parts. Below are the beautiful photos from the shoot. I am so happy with the results because my idea came to life! Yay!

Thank you once again to Tara and 4Flavour! (PS: All accessories can be purchased at any YDE. Go! Go! Go!)

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay



  1. kendra says:

    This is such an ethereal look. So so pretty hun love this!!!!

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