Hello loves, and welcome back to a brand new month along with this brand new post. It’s also my birthday, and for those who are always confused about my age – I am 21. I know I look like a 16-year-old in most of my posts and in reality, but trust me I am not. I actually tweeted about this the other day because I went into Lipsy in Canal Walk, just to have a quick squiz and the sales assistant asked me if I am looking for a matric dance dress! Haha, my mom was so shocked and quickly corrected her whereas I was so chilled that I just giggled a bit when she asked. I guess I’d much rather look too young for my age than too old. I don’t want to be 25 and look like I am 32 or something, naw’mean?

About the Outfit

This colour was trending last year, and I’ve noticed that it’s back again this winter. I love this colour because it can be paired with so many different colours ranging from cream to blue, and even yellow. I obviously decided to keep things low-key in this look because I’m not about that ‘flamboyant life’. Keeping all my colours to a more neutral tone, I paired my khaki jacket with my comfy boyfriend jeans, and a plain jane white tee. I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep saying it – Never pair baggy with baggy, and layer it with some more baggy. If you do, what’s wrong with you? It is unflattering and won’t do your body shape any justice. In my eyes when it comes to bagginess, there are two rules:

1.) If you are wearing a baggy jeans, pair it with a tightly fitted top.
2.) If you are wearing a baggy top, wear a golden oldie – the skinny.

I like pairing boyfriend jeans with some sneakers (like a pair of white Converse or Vans, for example) or a cute pair of heels. These heels are one of my faves, but SO difficult to walk in. Gosh! Oh, and once again I added a hat. This hat makes me happy because I always think of my cousin who bought it for me as a Christmas gift. Thanks Kel!


To be honest with you, I have no idea what I am doing today. Maybe I will go out later or maybe I will just chill with a few friends at my place. I was thinking about this other day – Why do people only celebrate their birthdays in the evening? I just don’t understand it and it has always bothered me. A birthday is supposed to start at 00:00 and end the following 00:00, right? Also, another thing that I don’t really understand is the whole tradition of hiring out a hall for your 21st birthday party. (Before I elaborate on that, let me just say that the ones I have been to have been really cute and I loved it but personally, it’s not what I would want to do for my birthday).

Is it only because of tradition that we hire out a massive hall and go through the trouble of hosting a huge party? Or is actually what some people in my age group would want? I’m not so sure how I feel about it, but I know that the idea of standing in front of a hall full of family and friends frightens the crud out of me! I am such a moffie when it comes to speeches, crowds, and all attention on me. But I guess there are perks to it too – having all your loved ones in one massive space; people talking about how cute you were as a tot, running around in your panty; getting spoilt by errr’body; lots of pies and samoosas; and of course getting that old school key that says “21” across it. Is that what I want? Hmm, nope. I guess I’m just not that type of person. Give me a MacBook, clothing or makeup, and I am the happiest lass around!

Now that I think of it, this post has gone from a “Lookbook” post to a “Let’s talk about my birthday” post. This is what happens when you give me a laptop, a warm cuppa, and lots of time.

I shall be off now darls. Have a beautiful day! Love,

Boyfriend Jeans | JayJays / Plain Tee | JayJays / Jacket | Fashion Express / Heels | TopShop / Hat | Babette / Neckpiece | Zuri / Watch | Guess / Sunnies | Birlin Eyewear

Photographer: Lorenzo Lakayย 


  1. sidney says:

    Hint…. hint…. hint….. not even subtle hints…..
    YOU are like SFJ.

    EISH…what have I done.

  2. Happy Birthday, Paula!
    I hope you have an amazing day no matter how you decide to celebrate it.
    I love your shoes and the hat really suits you as a signature style piece.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!hope you have an amazing day
    love the post x

    1. Thanks darl, I appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  4. Sharna Hayes says:

    Hey cool kid ๐Ÿ™‚
    Where did you get those jeans? I’m desperately looking for a solid pair of boyfriend jeans :/

    Great post xx

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