Floral: B&W

Welcome back to my blog, and might I add, to a new month.
This is my second favourite season (summer being my first, of course) and can you guess what the trending print will be for this season? Hmm, yep. You’re right. FLORAL. Haha, why am I not surprised? I’ve decided to show you a new way to wear floral.


Don’t get me wrong, I love floral and flowers (as most of you who follow me on IG would probably guess) but sometimes it can be a bit clichรฉ considering the season we’re in is all about that “flower-power” life. I decided to pair my B&W kimono with simple pieces. I love B&W. Gosh. The heels that I’m wearing are from Luella, and get this – I’ve worn them twice. I am so scared that they get damaged or something, so I never wear them! It’s kind of sad – I’m a shoe hoarder. I am pretty excited to show you guys more of my spring style! Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that this shoot was done before I dyed and cut my hair which is why it looks much lighter.

Let’s see where this floral trend goes for this season. Who knows, maybe it won’t even trend!

Happy Spring!

Top | Woolworths / Leggings | West Coast Clothing / Kimono | Traffic Live / Heels | Luella / Neckpiece | TopShop


Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay


  1. Tammy says:

    You look stunning Paula and I always enjoy reading your posts.

    I actually mentioned you at my #BBLOGCLASS as one of the women I really enjoy following on the blogisphere as your writing style is fun and interesting. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Cannot wait to see how you style spring before you style your favourite season, SUMMER!

  2. Kimmy Gee says:

    Hey miss Paula B ….first time on the blogg and loving it . Maybe you can do a Plus size expose soon for the more voluptuous ladies like me who also still like to flaunt some style now and then ๐Ÿ™‚ . keep up the good work ….love the penmanship but most of all LOVE the photos !

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