Essie Winter Collection

Last week I received the latest Essie winter collection to check out.

I must say, I am so taken by these colours! You know that feeling you have when you see a photo of a product and start to doubt that the actual product is exactly alike in reality? I didn’t expect these colours to look like they did in the campaign photos, but trust me, majority of them did!

My Faves

I tested out the 6 gorgeous colours – all similar, but each different in their shades and opacity. I’ll tell you about my three favourite shades: Introducing “Jump in my Jumpsuit”. This is my ultimate favourite shade out of the entire winter collection because it screams “winter shade!”. To me, winter colours are all about the mauves, browns, burgundies, and blacks. This colour suits each of those shades, and looks great on any skin tone. The opacity is so great that I only needed 2 thin layers, with a clear coat to protect it from chipping.

The second polish “Double Breasted Jacket” has a similar shade to the first polish, but with a pink undertone. I’d say that this is actually my least favourite out of my three favourites. Its opacity and gloss is the same as “Jump in my Jumpsuit”, which I am really happy about. No one wants to be sitting for over 40 minutes because you need to paint over 5 layers of polish.

My third favourite out of the collection is this gorgeous glitter polish, called “Jiggle High Jiggle Low!”, obviously linking to the festivities that come around once a year when we celebrate Christmas. I’m not a big fan of metallic polishes, but definitely a fan of glitter. I actually saw this polish on Instagram, when I followed A Fashion Friend’s Camilla, and immediately needed to know where she bought her polish! It screams celebration and festivities! So if you’re looking for a little bit (or a lot) of dazzle for an important celebration, I’d definitely recommend this polish.

My Cup of Tea?

The other three shades aren’t really my cup of tea. Although I love nudes, I’m not a big fan of sheer polishes. I hate the process that you have to go through to get it to a sufficient amount – layer after layer after layer. If you do, however, like sheer and glossy polishes, I would recommend these shades. They’re suitable for work if you don’t really like going bare-nailed (lol).

Let me know which one you would rock? Have you tired any of these?

Ms Paula Bee

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