Essie | “Lady Like”

"Lady Like"
While I was on a bit of a ‘break’ during my June examinations, I purchased one of my all-time favourite shades from Essie, namely “Lady Like”. I first discovered this amazing colour (yes, I will use adjectives when describing it because I’m honestly so crazy about it. And as you may know by now, I’ll only blog about products if I’m absolutely cray about it!) when Lorenzo took me for a mani-pedi session at Sorbet in Tygervalley. I was so indecisive about which colours to choose that I ended up being on the safe side of life by choosing this nude, as well as “Luxe be a lady” by Morgan Taylor – that I am YET to purchase. Student life guys. These things take time.

My Thoughts

After using it on both my mom, a friend, and myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have good and valid reasons for liking this polish so much, besides aesthetic reasons. Its opacity was the most shocking thing because I initially thought Essie polishes were pretty translucent and needed at least three coats. I needed just one coat to cover my entire nail, but put two on just to be extra greedy (live on the edge or what?). I used a gel clear coat over it, and it didn’t chip for at least 6 days, that included washing the dishes on a weekly basis. It is easy-drying and has glossy finish to it. The Essie range retails at about R115 at all Dis-chem stores nationwide.

Just a Quick One

One more thing before I leave – I’ll be posting about my ‘nail tips’ pretty soon. I’ve been asked on a few occasions to create a post on strengthening and lengthening tips, so that post will be coming soon!

Have a fabulous week!

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