I’ve always been a really shy person, especially when it comes to crowds of people and having to engage with lots of people at the same time. I was always the type of person to plan out my next conversation, trying to predict what the person would respond with and what I would say next. To my disappointment, this was never how interactions took place. People would shock me by saying something that didn’t go as planned in the dialogue I had just put together, which would obviously cause me to crawl deeper into my little shell.

I was asked to do a young girl’s makeup and hair for her matric dance on Saturday, and as expected, we started chatting about our interests and personalities. It turns out that she is quite a shy person as well and needs to pep-talk herself before engaging in any kind of communication. I was like “I totally get you, girl” because I genuinely do. You must be thinking how strange it is that a “blogger” or an “influencer” is super shy and quite introverted, seeing as the perception of bloggers is known to be quite extroverted, fun and bubbly. Don’t get me wrong, I am fun and bubbly, but only once I am comfortable with specific people or feel at ease. You get where I’m going, right? You know what I mean. Are you perhaps in the same boat as I am?

A Change

I’ve recently noticed a change in the way that I handle these kinds of situations, and how I will try to plan out a monologue instead of a dialogue. You see the thing is this: I had to learn that people are complex creatures who are so unpredictable so you can’t plan out a scenario because then you’ll always end up being anxious or disappointed. Instead, I’ve had to find the confidence in myself to know who I am and what I stand for. having the confidence to say what I feel and showcase all things that I am passionate about. I had to build up my confidence so that I am now able to sit in front of my camera and film videos for all the people who support me and find my advice worth their while.
Another incident that truly showed how much confidence I’ve gained was on my graduation. Lorenzo tends to make it known how proud he is of me for actually making a speech at my graduation because for my 21st birthday, I couldn’t even get 10 words out of my mouth without it sounding like a bunch of nonsense. I would slur and stumble on my words, but that has definitely changed now. I feel like my honours year had SO much to do with this new sense of confidence, and I couldn’t be more excited! Practice makes perfect!

About The Outfit

This goes back to my “Be Bold” post, where I spoke about having the confidence to wear bold colours. Even though we are entering autumn now, you definitely shouldn’t be afraid of playing with colour. I enjoy pairing bold colours with white, grey or black. In this outfit, I opted for a simple off-shoulder top from Cotton On. Even though it is striped, the fact that is monochromatic colours helps to balance out the boldness of my striking blue pants. My accent colours are black, as you can see in the bag, choker and heels. This really helps to draw attention to these gorgeous pants and less attention on my accessories.

It will be a good idea to create a post on the trending colours for the upcoming season, so that you will be in the loop of what to expect for autumn/winter. I know that I’ll be wearing loads of black, white and blush. I recently received a gorgeous blush handbag from Accessorize SA (I posted on Instagram Stories) and I know that it’ll be perfect for this season!

Tell me, would you rock bright, bold colours in a chilly season?
Until next time,

Top | Cotton On / Pants | Woolworths / Heels | Zoom Shoes / Bag | River Island / Glasses | Rayban / Choker | Woolworths
Photographer: A Short Girls World (@ashortgirlsworld)

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