Blow Drying Routine

This is a little sneak peek into my blow drying routine. As you might have noticed in previous posts, I have natural curly hair. I love my curls and it has become a sort of ‘trademark’ for me (“The girl with the hair” or “The girl with the curls”) but let’s face it, sometimes it is nice to have a little bit of straightness in life. I don’t usually straighten my hair as often as I used to, merely because I could not stop the straightening once I received my first GHD a good couple of years back.


To start off, I towel dry my hair slightly once I get out of the shower, just enough so that the actual dripping subsides. This is so that the hair will stay straighter for longer and it does not damage the hair as much, whereas if it was blown out when it is already dry it will cause breakage. Before I blow dry my hair, I always add a sufficient amount of hot straight cream by L’oreal to my entire head of hair. This is to protect the hair from any heat related issues and it avoids frizz for up to 48 hours. How awesome!

Next, I use my fine-toothed comb to run through any unwanted knots in the hair. The worst thing to occur whilst blow drying your hair is to come across a knot or two!

The hair dryer I use is the Parlux 3800 in a striking purple. There are some awesome eco-friendly features about this hair dryer, which includes:

โ€ข Use of Highly Recyclable Materials: all components are completely reusable, free of harmful elements and painted with toxic paints;
โ€ข Low Noise : development of new built-in silencer “patent pending” which greatly reduces the “noise” perceived by the professional and the client;
โ€ข Energy Saving : the attention of Parlux for accelerating drying saves time and energy with a positive impact on the environment;
โ€ข Ozone-friendly : during drying, at any speed and temperature, there is no harmful emissions;
โ€ข Use of Environmentally friendly Packaging and Documentation , they are all made ??and printed on recycled paper and cardboard, 100% biodegradable.

When blow drying the hair, it is so important to start straight from the root. Obviously you don’t want to burn your scalp, but it is important to get the roots dry to prevent any damage or split ends.

Hair Colour

My hair colour at the moment – I do not know what colour my hair is to be dead honest. It has some areas that are red, some dark brown and some light brown shades too. This is the result of dying my hair BLONDE two years ago, and then re-dying it a dark plum colour in July 2013.

Once all the hair is dry and ready to go, I squirt some Kair silicone serum into the palm of my hand, and work it into my hair. Personally, I think the serum keeps the frizz away and looking shiny for longer. It is important to not add too much serum to the hair or else you will end up looking like you have not washed your hair in a few weeks. Ew! No one wants oily hair.

Do you have any special blow drying tips that you would like to share?

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