Black Lovin’

I think I’ve mentioned it in previous posts – I am crazy about black. Ever since this chilly season has settled in, I’ve noticed that I always end up wearing black. Not that this is a problem, but I think it’s good to have a bit of a break from the monochromatic life. That break just hasn’t set in yet, for me, that is. The other night, my dad asked me if black heels are the ‘go-to’ option in a woman’s cupboard, and I actually had to stop and think about it for a second or two. In this outfit, it is very obvious that black heels or wedges would be best. But in general, I think that the perfect heels to have would definitely be nude pumps. I think that nude just adds that bit of sexiness to any pair of jeans or dress, whether its heels, a jacket, lipstick, or even your nails.

About the Outfit

For this look, I thought I would keep things a bit on the dark side. It kind of reminds me of a mysterious witch or something along those lines. That’s not exactly the look I was going for but once my photographer mentioned it to me, the thought was glued. My absolute favourite piece in this outfit would be the beautiful black hat. I’ve always noticed various international fashion bloggers wearing similar hats, and I fell in love the minute I spotted this one. I have a feeling that hats are going to be a huge trend this winter, and I absolutely love the thought of that!

Have a great week, and vote wisely tomorrow!

Dress | Cotton On / Knee high socks | Woolworths SA / Kimono | Honey Child / Hat | Foschini / Wedge booties | YDE / Earrings | Gifted / Necklace | Queenspark 



  1. Wow, Paula! I really, really love this look <3

    1. Angel says:

      Great look, love it.

      And you look beauuutiful!


  2. Kaylin says:

    I absolutely love everything about this outfit!

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