Be Bold

I found these awesome wide-legged linen pants about two years ago. Woolworths had a pretty decent sale going on at the time, and even though the colour scared me a bit, I decided to take the plunge and buy these awesome pants along with my super comfy striped culottes.

Now the reason the title of this post is what it is, is simply because of two main reasons.

Number one:

Take these bright wide-legs for example – many will look at these and immediately walk away simply because of the fear of not knowing how to style it or the colour might be a bit too flamboyant. Often ladies love the style of a bright-coloured garment, but aren’t too sure how to style it, so they end up not buying it. I’ve often seen women come across a beautiful dress or trousers, but put it back down. That’s when I often think to myself “But why? That would have suited her so well!”
My top tip for any pants that is similar to these pants: Stick to a minimalistic top and bottom. Because the pants are so bright and wide, one would need to make sure that you pair it with simple and monochromatic pieces, like a plain tight top and strappy heels. Usually, I would wear black strappy heels with an outfit like this, but I recently bought these stunning heels from Zoom that happened to match the pants perfectly.

Number Two

As simple as the title of the post, I believe in taking chances and being bold in the way that I walk, talk and what I believe in. That definitely doesn’t mean that I am loud or forceful in my ways, but more that I am not afraid to be bold and stand up for what I feel is right and beautiful. I feel that as women, we need to be just that – Bold, yet graceful. We shouldn’t be afraid to take chances (using wisdom, of course!) in life and in what we do. I believe in empowering one another and standing boldly and tall, supporting each others’ dreams.

Will you be bold?
Until next time,

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