I hope you’re keeping warm on this chilly Tuesday!

The first week of the second semester is over, and onto the next one we go. I’m glad that I’ve only got two modules this semester, so I have a bit more time to balance between keeping up my blog and keeping up with my university work. It may seem easy, but there’s a lot of work that goes into it.

About this look:

With winter in full force, I thought it would be quite fitting to put together an outfit that involves some key winter pieces – a trench and a polo neck. What doesn’t scream winter other than those two put together? I thought that this would be a cute outfit to wear on a daytime date with your significant other, or a coffee date at a fancy hotel with the girls. Speaking of which, my girls and I haven’t had a coffee date in a while! Hmm…

I’ve always been a huge fan of polo neck jerseys, especially black. I picked up this one at Mango last winter – its pretty thick, unlike a lot of the polo necks they’re selling these days. I think its more about the aesthetics of the jerseys than the actual fabric and quality. You know? Those jerseys you have to wear with three layers underneath. Ugh, no.

What are your key winter items? Do polo necks make you feel like a turtle? Sometimes I feel as though my face looks like an orange or a ball when I wear them (haha!).

My amazing photos are by my talented friend, Grace. Never have I known someone so kind, talented, and soft-hearted (and I’m not saying that because she’s a friend!). We decided to shoot this sophisticated look outside the Aston Martin showroom  at the V&A Waterfront. It’s just as if it had the colour scheme I was looking for – neutral!

See you next time!

Polo neck | Mango / Jeans | Forever 21 / Trench coat | Woolworths / Heels | Zara / Handbag | Woolworths / Sunglasses | Rayban / Lippie | Yardley London matte lipstick in “Sienna”

Photographer: Grace Charlotte Photography

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