A Different Take.

I’ve always been someone who enjoys a little dress-up here and there. I enjoy the entire experience of doing your makeup and hair, and then jumping into your cutest outfit to go about the town. That’s exactly what I experienced in Braamfontein last week when Revlon South Africa flew me up to JHB to attend their #EYEopening event. I’m not going to discuss the event too much because I vlogged that night, so you’ll definitely be able to see my entire experience!

About the Outfit

When I saw the invitation to this event, it mentioned something along the lines of “cocktail” attire, which in my mind meant a dress. Please keep in mind that the weather in JHB was around -2 degrees, and here I am wanting to wear a short dress with strappy heels. I loved the dress that I wanted to wear, but I would have seriously had frostbite. Haha! So the night before the event, I decided to take a drive to the waterfront and pop into Zara. I remembered that they were having a sale, so it was the perfect opportunity (or excuse) for me to get some good bargains. I ended up taking these stunning two pieces home with me – A flare-bottom knit pants and this gorgeous crushed-velvet bodysuit.

At first I wan’t a big fan of this bodysuit, but once I remembered that I recently received this low-laying necklace from Accessorize, it was a perfect match. Overall, I love this outfit. I don’t post nearly enough of these type of “different” looking outfits. Ones that will inspire you to think outside of the box in terms of “cocktail” attire, or have a different take on what that dress code means. What if you see a specific item (take these pants for example) and aren’t too sure how to wear it, should I create more posts that assist in that?

Would you like to see more of these styled outfits?

Until next time,

Velvet Bodysuit | Zara / Pants | Zara / Heels | Rubi Shoes / Bag | Accessorize SA / Necklace | Accessorize SA
Photographer: Lorenzo Lakay

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